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What is Materium?

Beginners Guide Lore Materium

Many stories exist about the origin of Materium, many of them mired in mystery and whispered around the hearth at night. Only the King of the Citadel of the Sun knows for sure, since it was to him that Materium’s power and light were revealed, altering history forever.

The King’s missing arm has been the subject of debate, but what is known with certainty is that he had lost it in a number of his nation’s conflicts and turmoil. He was a good king who fought hard for his people and was adored by them in return. But the King’s constant battle and struggle had taken a toll, and in fighting to defend his people, he had lost not just his hand but also his desire to fight. His community was concerned for him, and they were concerned about their land’s future.

It is claimed that in the kingdom’s darkest hour, a strange man appeared in the king’s throne room with a piece of ore glittering with brilliant light, offered as an offering to the King.

When the King stretched out his good hand to take the offering, however, the stranger inclined his head in affirmation that it was the King’s cut off limb that would receive it. The King was perplexed by the situation, so he extended his missing limb… When he did so, energy from the ore ran through him and in a burst of brilliant white light, the King’s hand was restored without a scar or mark.

The man extended his hand, revealing the stranger’s clasped hands. In the King’s restored hand rested the glittering ore with which the stranger had previously enchanted him. Before the King could inquire about it, the stranger responded.

“It’s from the Materium.” The strange man’s words didn’t seem to emerge from his mouth, but instead seemed to echo in the King’s mind. “From a land where this… gift… permeates all things…. I come from a society that values this talent. “The only thing that has kept this world from being destroyed is a certain amount of magic. It’s been lost for so long, but it still lives today. All that is required now is someone powerful enough to claim it.”

Thereafter, the King traveled across the world to the land of Mirandus, where he established the Kingdom’s first Citadel of Mirandus, known as the Citadel of the Sun. At night, the realm of Mirandus is illuminated by hundreds of little lights in the trees. Here, his enormous Materium light shines out over the perilous seas as a guide to all who would come to the mythical country of Mirandus.

What is Materium?

Materium (from the Latin word for “matter”) is a material found in Mirandus, the magical world in which the game of the same name takes place. It has many amazing properties, including the ability to resurrect the dead, increase attributes beyond normal limits, and cast spells.

Mirandus is home to an abundance of magical materials, one of which is Materium. Materiun may be found in a solid state as mined ore, a liquid state when used to produce elixirs with unrivaled abilities, and it can also exist in the gas form that flows freely through the air above Mirandus.

As a Mirandus player, you will be powerful and fortunate enough to communicate with Materium in its most pure form, and utilize its limitless capabilities.

What Can Materium Do?

Materium is a completely incredible substance. It’s extremely adaptable and strong, allowing someone to heal injuries and restore energy. It may resurrect the dead, providing the potential for immortality to those who have enough of it.

Increased Attributes

Materium has the ability to have a wide range of effects on the body, from healing wounds and restoring vitality to having significant impacts. A hero can enhance their strength, speed, endurance, and other characteristics far beyond their normal limits by unlocking Materium’s power. With the power of Materium, one may perform incredible deeds that are not physically possible any other way.


Materium has the power to end life as well as bring it back, and there is no limit to how many times someone can return from death using Materium’s incredible properties. When an ally falls in battle, they are given a second chance at life with the use of Materium. What’s more, with each resurrection, the player’s Materium reserves are permanently increased.

There are many more secrets that the Materium holds for those who would come to discover it. With its power, one can do anything–even travel to the stars. How will you use the power of Materium?


Some Materium users can even use magic itself, gaining the ability to cast potent spells such as healing, protective wards, and even raining fire on one’s enemies.


Materium may be used in a variety of ways in the game, including as a replacement for specific components in crafting recipes. It can also be utilized to imbue common items with magic and create truly incredible weapons, armors, and other strange things.


The potential of ‘Materium’ is just being tapped, and new uses are discovered as researchers experiment with it. Even between adventurers, Materium has been shown to be useful. It may allow things to be teleported from vault to vault, even across journeymen, ensuring quick and secure delivery of valuables and other tradable assets.

For those eager to explore the dangers of the continent, Mirandus is brimming with Materium — and for those brave souls who possess more Materium, the more powerful they can become. With Materium, anything is possible… Will you be one of the few daring individuals to unlock its potential?

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