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Mirandus has also announced a new token, Materium, which it describes as “a mystical component that abounds in Mirandus.” We have learned that it will be more than a typical game token or coin, while yet being a crucial currency for the gamers.

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Mirandus and the Usefulness of Materium

“Everything that happens in Mirandus that employs magic is done utilizing Materium,” said Gala Games’ Michael McCarthy about Materium. Materium will be utilized anytime magic occurs in the world.

Casting Spells

Materium is required when casting spells. It’s probable that the Elves will require less Materium to cast spells owing to their unique powers. The odds are that Mirandus spells will be the ones requiring Materium to cast.

Resurrecting Back to Life

No resurrection spell can ever happen without employing Materium. In case of death, players can come back to life without penalty if they own enough Materium. It probably will be transferred to a Mirandus Cemetery owner, which the Learn Mirandus detailed in a previous article.

Upgrading Your Stats

Materium is required to improve a character’s statistics beyond what is typical for his or her species.

Replacing a Missing Ingredient when Crafting

If you are missing an ingredient in Mirandus, say to craft a magical item, then Materium can be used as its substitute. However, Materium can not be utilized as an ingredient for non-magical items.

Making Magical Potions

A player can create a simple potion without Materium, but it will be necessary to craft a magic potion.

Infusing Materium into Objects

Crafting a magical item can be accomplished easily by infusing Materium. This will make it possible for objects to become more powerful and enable them to store enchantment.


Materium’s power is only beginning to be unlocked, and new applications are discovered by those experimenting with it. Especially ingenious applications of Materium have shown that it can allow objects to be teleported from vault to vault, even from adventurer to adventurer, ensuring speedy and safe transport of valuables and other tradable items.

Lending Items to Other Players

If an item is lent to another player, he or she can do more things with it, getting the most out of it. You may lend players items and have them returned to you after a set period of time with Materium. This is a significant role, as lending NFTs to other players will undoubtedly have an important role in Mirandus.

Mirandus Token Materium, Currency-in-game

Materium is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency. It’s unquestionably the Mirandus token (or at least one of them), since it has a wide range of in-game applications.If we consider the token’s immediate use as a spellcaster and magic requirements, it’s very likely that gamers will trade and exchange Materium for a variety of non-game-related reasons.If there are any other Mirandus tokens that seem like real money in the game, Materium may be exchanged for a variety of things. It might be used to pay for food, knowledge, goods, or simply a place to stay.

Many times, Mirandus’s creators have declared their aim to create a reality with genuine economy that is driven by players’ choices. The Materium appears to be a strong step in the right direction.

Is the Materium discarded after usage, or is it burned? Since an ERC-20 token and with Mirandus’ economics in mind, this information is critical to the gamers. Unfortunately, there is still no solution to this problem at the time of publication.

What is Mirandus?

In Mirandus, how can you acquire Materium?

Materium is all around Mirandus, in many different forms and shapes. This emphasizes the notion that everyone will require some – and that they will be able to obtain it in their own way.

Adventures & Quests

The first step is for Materium to be covertly hidden throughout the world for players to discover. For killing a monster, a player may receive Materium. The more difficult the creature is to conquer, the greater the spoils will be. The further you dive into the universe, the more Materium there will be, but the danger levels are likely to rise as well. According to Gala Games’ McCarthy, players (most likely groups or guilds) will need to combat huge level creatures and monsters in order to collect the most Mirandus Materium.

Mining and Crafting

The first thing that comes to mind is mining, since it is the only way to acquire the valuable thing. Materium, on the other hand, was declared to exist in “many forms” by Gala Games, with the exception that it exists as a solid state as infused ore, as a liquid state when utilized to make potions with unquantifiable powers, and even as a gaseous condition when breathed in. That opens up quite a few potential in-game options in regards to collecting and mining.

Gala Games is striving for a reality with real economy, where gamers can make choices that affect the state of the world. This means that Materium will probably be dropped by monsters and bosses, won from quests (such as kill this guy), rewarded for completing jobs like recruiting new players, and also it could be acquired directly from the game’s house. While a part of Materium can be accessible in a single way or another to the gamers, there is no evident all-inclusive solution yet.

However, mining may be an effective method to acquire Materium, perhaps even the most widespread, but not the only one. While a Glimmering Dwarf might have an edge due to its unique talents for mining valuable ore, other Examplars and regular players will have their own chances of locating it as well.

Next Alpha Test Materium Available for Examplars

The Galaverse, a worldwide gathering for the Gala Games community, will be the first opportunity to see Materium during the Galaverse in December 2021. During this event, a playable test edition of the game will be released, in which players with Examplars will get early portions of the valuable Mirandus token.It’s doubtful that the players will be able to acquire it by defeating monsters or mining, because the test version won’t have them.

Conclusion – Should You Play Mirandus and Gather Materium?

The game’s world is vast and presents many opportunities for gamers both within and outside of combat. To put it simply, you can’t lose when playing Mirandus. You may receive Materium by mining or slaying monsters.

Gala Games is striving for a reality with genuine economy, where gamers can make choices that affect the state of the world.

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