Sunday, July 21, 2024

Beginners Guide

Mirandus New Crypto MMORPG

Mirandus – The All New Crypto MMORPG from Gala Games

Mirandus is a New Crypto MMORPG game that allows players to explore, battle, and trade with other players, while also mining for rare Materium in the game. The game takes place in an expansive open world where your adventure begins! Everything in the game is player-driven, which means players can even make their own towns […]


Human Exemplar: The Alchemist

Human Exemplar: The Alchemist

The art of potion brewing is never instinctive, but it must be learnt through years of study and trial. It necessitates a considerable amount of time and a total grasp on all parts that make up the world around us. Members of the elite human society known as the Alchemists are widely recognized to be […]

Land Deeds

Citadel of the Earth Deed

Citadel of the Earth

Little is known about these land deeds. What we do know is that each of them will be the home of the 5 kings of the realm. They will be the largest land areas, housing the largest buildings, and have the greatest defense. As King of one of the Five Great Cities, you share in […]


Large Bakery

Large Bakery

Capable of providing quality baked goods to the entirety of the village. This 10×20 Large Bakery is as big as it gets in Mirandus. Did someone say more dough?


Caravel Ship


This Large swift and majestic sea vessel towers over other ships in Mirandus’ ports. Able to carry a large crew and an impressive cargo load, the Caravel is perfectly suited for long and luxurious voyages.


Wharf Deed


This sprawling wharf is one of the few prominent ports in Mirandus and can easily accommodate many ships of any size.

Collect Mirandus Skins