Mirandus Patch Notes 12-17-21


Patch Notes

⚔️ A new build is LIVE!!!⚔️

🔹 Added a respawn plane to the server
🔹Added an idle detection to remove players who aren’t playing
🔹Fixed visual anomaly that let you see Materium collection multiple times even though it only counted once per Exemplar
🔹Added Windows 10 requirement on installation
🔹Found & fixed bug in left-click actions that was causing network message spam
🔹Found & fixed bug in animation event parsing that would happen when player respawned (sometimes)

🔷 This new build will also show Exemplars who have attempted to play but can’t as “eligible” for Materium. This is to combat video card incompatibility.

If you are already in the game, you will be disconnected.
🔷 To upgrade to the new version, you can go to https://app.gala.games/games/mirandus to click “update the version” link in the game page.

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