Mirandus Patch Notes 12-13-21


Patch Notes

Gala looked into it and the problem is everyone REALLY wants to get into Mirandus 😉 (huge amounts of concurrent login requests). This was causing some issues so they’ve temporarily reduced the player limit to 100.

Please be considerate of your fellow players and make sure to disconnect once you’re done so they can get in. Over the next few days they will work on resolving this issue so they can increase the player limit again and let everyone enjoy the full experience of this play test!

🔷 This new build will also show Exemplars who have attempted to play but can’t as “eligible” for Materium. This is to combat video card incompatibility.

If you are already in the game, you will be disconnected.
🔷 To upgrade to the new version, you can go to https://app.gala.games/games/mirandus to click “update the version” link in the game page.

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