Human Exemplar: The Cartographers

Human Exemplar: The Cartographers

Human Exemplars

It is a tremendous gift to have and comprehend the world from an accurate viewpoint. Many of history’s finest minds in Mirandus have had this talent, using it to create legendary maps that recounted a lesser-known tale of the land.

Without the geographical tale that maps might tell, explorers would never have conquered the wild regions, gone through the deserts, or sailed across the immense seas. Today, the legacy of legendary mapmakers from long ago lives on through human Exemplars known as Cartographers. They are born with inborn senses of direction, navigation, and distance. When as tiny children (typically toddlers), they are discovered carefully examining their surroundings and drawing maps in the dirt with intricate intricacies that exceed their years.

After a Cartographer has mastered his or her abilities as an adult, he or she may effortlessly create a tapestry of maps from the pieces of the world. All map development is aided by these Exemplars, who have Cartography, receive a significant boost to all map creation.


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