Human Exemplar: The Alchemist

Human Exemplar: The Alchemist

Human Exemplars

The art of potion brewing is never instinctive, but it must be learnt through years of study and trial. It necessitates a considerable amount of time and a total grasp on all parts that make up the world around us. Members of the elite human society known as the Alchemists are widely recognized to be the finest potion creators. They are so well-versed that they can make the most treasured potions and fines herbes with available ingredients, no matter where in the world they are. Alchemists are a useful group to know, as their elixirs may sometimes assist you with tasks that seem impossible. However, be advised: They are very aware of their abilities and have strong egos.

Alchemists are Exemplars with a bonus to potion-making and are the sort of person you want in your party if you intend on going into some of Mirandus’ more dangerous regions.


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