Human Exemplar: The Seafarer

Human Exemplar: The Seafarer

Human Exemplars

You are a mariner, a seaman. You’re envied by those who are bound to their landlocked responsibilities, and you’re revered by the most civilized residents of towns and cities. They are ignorant of your existence. They don’t feel the same sense of abandonment as you when you’re gently rocked by the surf. They have no idea of the thrilling rush of adrenaline that comes with a squall as it approaches to swallow your crew and ship into its ravenous chaos. They do not truly reside, as you are well aware.

Seafarers are compelled to explore beyond the seas with no restrictions. If a Seafarer knows how to get to an uncharted island distant from home, they can go there on their journey without risking too much. Seafarers can travel farther and faster than other players. In fact, if a non-seafaring adventurer of Mirandus has route instructions to a tremendous treasure trove hundreds of miles out to sea, they should connect with a Seafarer to get them there safely… for a price.

On a tossed ship, seamen are at ease, and they navigate by the stars. They can row more effectively and use less energy than other people. They can go further and more securely. They may avoid random encounters and seek out hidden marvels using hints and maps. The Seafarer may find anything in the open sea as long as they know its location.

The Seafarer’s Boat

The boat of a Seafarer is their best friend, protector, and home. Mirandus is the most secure location for a Seafarer’s ship because ships can contain significant amounts of wealth and supplies. Boats, which may be improved, enhanced, and expanded on, provide an entrance to Mirandus’ least-known sections for adventurers who dare go there.

The boat of a Seafarer is his or her life. While they may not tie themselves down to towns, jobs, or partners, every Seafarer has a thick rope tied from ship to heart. A Mirandus Seafarer is always within reach of adventure and wealth, thanks to a decent boat beneath their feet. Bonus ability to Seafaring (bonus to sailing).


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