Human Exemplar: The Stronghands

Human Exemplar: The Stronghands

Human Exemplars

Stronghands, the human Exemplars known as Mirandus’ finest artisans, can be found in every corner of this extraordinary game world. Stronghands may be found in almost any town or village.

Through the darkest nights, the wettest days, and the most hair-raising experiences, Explorers have trusted in their own hands. The Stronghands’ legacy has been passed down through many generations of the globe’s most tenacious workers. The Blacksmiths despise inactivity and take pleasure in their most productive days. For the Stronghands, inventiveness is more than a job; it’s a way of life.

If you have a Stronghand for a buddy, your adventures and quests will go more smoothly. These Exemplars benefit from the Expediency Trait, which gives them a speed boost to all crafting.


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