Citadel of the Stars Deed

Citadel of the Stars

Citadels Land Deeds

Little is known about these land deeds. What we do know is that each of them will be the home of the 5 kings of the realm. They will be the largest land areas, housing the largest buildings, and have the greatest defense. As King of one of the Five Great Cities, you share in legendary powers of mind. Your castle, name, and grand crest shall be known. This is but one of 5 Citadels. The land size and building layout of this Citadel remains unknown but will be the only land deeds capable of housing Majestic 20×40 buildings. The Citadel of the Stars has been sold. It has a King.

Building Size: Largest Land Area
Cost: 800,000 ($800,000.00)
Quantity: 1
Rarity: ancient rarity Ancient


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