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The Introduction to Death in Mirandus – Cemeteries & Resurrection

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Mirandus is a dangerous place. A side effect of the powerful magic that hides throughout the land, there are frightening wild beasts on the prowl that will always be eager to make a quick meal of your avatar’s flesh. Death is waiting, and no matter how skilled an adventurer you turn out to be, it will always be a part of your journey.

Fortunately in Mirandus, death is not always the end. If the right skills and various costs are combined with the right hallowed location, resurrections are regularly possible.

This article aims to inform readers about death in Mirandus and what they should know before entering this land.

There will be additional guides released in the future that will go into further detail with how to handle death in Mirandus, but you should have a solid understanding of why it is important to keep your avatar alive.

A general rule of thumb when adventuring in Mirandus – stay focused and on the move at all times. The beasts within are always hungry and will not hesitate to make a meal out of you if they get the chance.

This is a Drop to Die For – Enter the Cemetery

According to the recent AMA with Michael McCarthy, the Cemetery will be known not just as a burial site for the dead, but also as one of the few locations where resurrections are accomplished. You may get ahold of the Cemeteries in Mirandus which provide you with life and death control over these gateways. You must buy one of the three different Mirandus Cemeteries (buildings) on sale now in limited supply to have that power. Here’s a description of the 3 available cemeteries:

Cemetery Mirandus

  • Cemetery (10 x 10)
  • Greatest supply
  • Largest time gap between resurrections (respawns)

Large Cemetery

  • large Cemetery (10 x 20)
  • Medium supply
  • Moderate time gap between resurrections (respawns)

Grand Cemetery Mirandus

  • Grand Cemetery (20 x 20)
  • Smallest supply
  • Shortest time gap between resurrections (respawns)

Consider the possibilities, consider the power, and think of the value that this kind of control and authority over death might bring. If you have a piece of land to bury your dead, then you have an opportunity that may not come up again. Old world rulers would bow down for this chance, and the wealthiest barons in the world may pay a lot of money for temporary use of your Cemetery. Why not leave death behind when you enter the Mirandus fantasy realm by claiming your territory in a Cemetery?

There are Other Ways, But…

There will be a limited number of methods to resurrect in Mirandus, but the most basic and readily available will almost always be through a Cemetery. The owner of a Cemetery is the key gatekeeper for this power. Resurrection may also be expensive. It’s possible that less well-known precious metals or even more treasured valuables will be required for other types of resurrection.

No matter what, each Mirandus adventurer will have to overcome death in some form, which is a bigger problem than a dead end.

Dare Ye?

Do you have the courage to be a purveyor of purgatory, a guardian of the afterlife, or a master of the eternal secrets by becoming an owner of a Mirandus Cemetery? If you don’t, others will soon find that you don’t have what it takes.

Hurry! Cemeteries will be released in a step-by-step fashion, with each stage costing more than the previous. Only 10% of the total supply will be available at the beginning at the lowest price. After that, with each step, the cost will climb by 25% of what it was before!

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