Human Exemplar: The Greencloaks

Human Exemplar: The Greencloaks

Human Exemplars

Some people seem to have a natural instinct for the woods. They can hear the trees’ beating heart and know how to push wood to its limits when it comes to construction.It’s thought that The Greencloaks came from a clan deep in the woods, where the bustle of cities and the thrum of man could not divert them as they communed with nature. They have the potential to do things with wood that no other craftsperson could achieve, both in terms of cutting and construction.

If you need to clear land to plant a farm, having a Greencloak on your side will give you an enormous boost in both clearing and turning the timber into something productive. The Greencloaks, as Exemplars, are without equal in their connection to the forests and trees. Bonus to Wood Gathering and Carpentry.


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