Town of the Arch Duke Deed

Town of the Arch Duke

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A shining tower is the center of this grand town, a true safe haven from evil and center of commerce. The Town of the Arch Duke is the largest of the town deeds. A palatial estate. Home to one of the (5) Arch Dukes of Mirandus. This town has many small, medium and large areas for decorative installments.

Building Size: 3 – 20×20 , 4 – 10×20, 18 – 10×10, 22 – 5×5, 36 – 5×5 farming, 8 – 5×5 livestock.
Cost: 7,250,000 ($3,014,818.25)
Quantity: 5
Rarity: Legendary


Town of the Arch Duke LayoutTown of the Arch Duke Layout Plot

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