Elf Exemplar: Darksun Elves

Elf Exemplar: Darksun Elves

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The Darksuns are a religious order of Elves who fully embrace their dark side. They aren’t evil per se. Rather, Darksuns are often quite kind and peaceful, even compared to other Elven clans. They have a unique sense of wise acceptance towards life. The Darksuns’ longevity is largely attributed to this. They are, in essence, a Doomsday Religion with the apocalypse of darkness they anticipate as their ultimate triumph fast approaching.

Your Darksun Elf Exemplar may not give you the otherworldly wisdom of the Darksuns, but you’ll definitely get their ability to see at night. You’ll know what’s coming in the dark. When others cannot see you, you can still see them.

This ancient race believes the sun will fade away, leaving only their kind behind. (You see well at night, as long as you are outside)

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