Elf Exemplar: Brightsun Elves

Avatars Elf Exemplars

Elves are widely dispersed through Mirandus, although they are considerably rarer than humans, dwarves, and orcs. Elves come in a variety of different varieties throughout Mirandus. Despite the fact that the types vary in many ways and attribute various origins to their abilities, they all acknowledge that they are descendants of the same Elven forefathers.

The Brightsun Elves are the elves of the sun. The sun is seen as the source of all power and the giver of everything that has been exposed to its rays. They are described as “clothed in brilliant light” and as Exemplars, they have a unique power.

This talent, known as the Satiation of Sol, allows the Brightsuns to transform solar energy into health at any time of day when the sun is out.

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