Halfling Exemplar: The Evenstrides

Halfling Exemplar: The Evenstrides

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A lesser-known aspect of the halfling race is the Evenstrides, a clan that excels at running up and down hills. The Evenstrides are a fun clan to play as due to their unique ability to run up slopes despite being so small. -> A lesser-known feature of the halfling breed is the Evenstrides, Even though halflings are shorter than most humans, these movement specialists are able to perfectly organize the forces involved to create the most efficient method of running, no matter the terrain. They can almost always outrun humans and orcs both in terms of sprint speed and endurance.

Evenstrides can use running as a way of getting around because they have great balance and can manage their weight distribution. Evenstrides are the most common type of halfling.

Evenstrides are able to run with less energy cost as Exemplars due to the Swiftness trait, which allows them to operate at full speed for a short duration.

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