Halfling Exemplar: Longsong

Halfling Exemplar: Longsong

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The smallest people on Mirandus are the little folk, or halflings. They’re the happiest of Mirandus’ inhabitants, since they make up the majority of its writers, storyteller, and musicians. They prefer to live quiet existences so that they may create beautiful things without being distracted by a chaotic world. The tales and songs of Mirandus are full of little folk, who play a part in every story.

The Longsongs, a race of halflings that have excelled at music, are the most accomplished among them. A friend of a Longsong is someone who keeps you company well. They claim that the Longsongs hide tremendous magic within their songs, and that elders may cast spells from sound.

The bonus of halfling longsongs is that when they play music, they receive a reduction in energy cost for spells.

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