Halfling Exemplar: The Mumsends

Halfling Exemplar: The Mumsends

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Deep in the hilly halfling region, there is a little hamlet known as Mumsend, which is sometimes called the quiet village. The inhabitants of this tight-knit neighborhood are mostly members of the clan known as the Mumsends. These halflings are generally perceptive spectators who seldom speak. The Mumsends’ ability to move silently is one of a kind. In other words, the Mumsends are masters in the field of creeping up without being noticed. Within their community, society is designed around individuals who are particularly good at not only sneaking up on others but also avoiding being sneaked upon themselves. Whisper is the game that determines public standing in Mumsend, and while it may appear to be a silly game, the outcomes are enforceable across the town.

Whisper has a complex set of rules, but the basic idea is that Mumsends try to sneak up on their pals and neighbors and scare them out of their minds with a quiet greeting. Those who elicit the most startles earn the greatest degrees of respect from society. For many Mumsends, the game has had a significant impact on their lives, for better or worse.

Mumsends are known for moving in almost complete silence, thanks to their trait called Stilled Passage. This can allow them to sneak into areas filled with dangerous creatures or to pick pockets, making it just a bit easier for them to line their purses.

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