Elf Exemplar: Allsight Elves

Elf Exemplar: Allsight Elves

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The Allsight Elves, with regard to the other Elven tribes, are a mystery. Because of this, little is known about them. The Allsight Elves have an enigmatic relationship with magic that other Elves and humans, orcs, halflings and dwarves will struggle to comprehend.

These Elves are credited with preserving time for the human race on numerous occasions throughout history. They are regarded as the keepers of time by some of the nation’s oldest tales, and they have saved the world on many occasions. It is thought that they may be found in all time. If this is true, it implies that they have a unique and helpful knowledge of not just the past, but also the future. The Allsights’ exceptional expertise with projectile weapons is due to their greatly improved eyesight.

Allsight Elves are exemplars. They get a bonus to ranged weapons, but perhaps more significantly, Allsight Elves have a boost to chance encounters that range from chances from the ability Futurus to advantages in battle.

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